Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Training

Beautiful Wyoming Spring Training

Johnny Behind the Rocks single track

This smile was fake... I was really cold

Spring here is beautiful.  But, with wind, rain, snow, ice, mud, heat, more wind, more snow, more mud, even more wind, it can be challenging too.  After seemingly endless sub-zero cold all winter long, a little mud never hurt anyone. It's safe to say I'm glad winter is over.

She is already faster than me

This week I finished up a great five-week strength program from Lee Brown and the good folks at Elemental Training.  I also got back on the track with the Lander Running Club on Wednesday for some speed work that felt surprisingly good.

Over the weekend I almost got blown off my bike in Sinks Canyon after riding through a dust devil; it left me scrapping mud off of my teeth—no joke.  I ran on the muddy/icy/snowy nature trails for a little bit too.  On Sunday, I went on my first double digit trail run since The Bear 100 last fall.  Evan Reimondo and I had a good, but tired run, of about 13 miles.  Evan has a cool blog you can check out, but don’t look around it too much; its probably way better than mine.  Anyways, my stupid IT band hurt a few times during the end of the run, which really freaked me out, but I think I’ll be okay.  Next weekend I’m shootin’ for 15 miles.

Water in the "desert"

It's not Moab, it's Wyoming

Living the dream

I was fortunate to come back from my run to a brunch of apple-cinnamon rolls, broccoli-bacon-quiche, and a pineapple-apple-orange-beet smoothie. Don't worry, I made Jenny pancakes with apples and an odd greenish colored smoothie on Saturday while she was out running, so we're totally even.

All grub here is sans-gluten because I have celiac disease.

I’m trying really hard to be ready for a 48-mile Zion Traverse in the beginning of June.  If you haven’t heard of Zion National Park, or the Zion Traverse, you need to GTS (Google that shit).

Photo of Zion I jacked from Google Images

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Web Log

"Blog" is short for "web log".  The only reason I know that is because I googled it like 4 seconds ago.  Why does someone such as myself create a "blog"?  Well, I envision myself sharing pictures of mountain running and other backcountry travels; sharing the ups and downs of training; and maybe even a few highly geeky gear reviews.  But in reality, its probably going to be only my Mom reading this, or maybe my Dad too (mostly because he just got a new device called an "iPad").

If you are not my Mom or Dad, and you've stumbled your way to Wind River Running, I hope you at least find it mildly interesting... and at the most, maybe even informative and even a little entertaining.  So enjoy my "web log".

Mountain Running: It's Awesome.